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fallendeeper's Journal

falling deeper
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This is a CLOSED MEMBERSHIP community.
Please see details and warnings below.


The What
A conventional answer to the insanity original ramblings of two slackers through role play. [fallendeeper] shall/may consist of:

Image hosting by Photobucket Logs [parts played respectively]
Image hosting by Photobucket Open Threads
Image hosting by Photobucket Fiction [by indicated authors]
Image hosting by Photobucket Possible Challenges
Image hosting by Photobucket Art
Image hosting by Photobucket Random Posting [pertaining to The Who]


The Who
A brief understanding and insight of the characters we oh-so-dearly love and role play. Please see HERE to introduce yourselves to them as well as familiarize yourself with their backgrounds.


The Warnings and Regulations

[fallendeeper] will contain the following:

Image hosting by PhotobucketMale/Male relationship(s)
Image hosting by PhotobucketViolence, Angst, and all around Mayhem
Image hosting by PhotobucketLanguage Warnings
Image hosting by PhotobucketSituations deemed squeamish but not by us
Image hosting by PhotobucketRampant Plot Bunnies

Also note that [fallendeeper] isn't all happiness and sunshine, though we aren't disinclined to the occasional fluffy moment.
If that isn't your preference, please try elsewhere.

CLOSED MEMBERSHIP does NOT mean you cannot join or participate in threads where allocated. Please see THE RULES for further explanation.

Other questions or overall inquiries we have not addressed should be asked in the question thread.


The Disclaimer
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For the sake of dodging bullets, please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or beggings to borrow.
[We don’t bite…most of the time.] Thank you.


The Contact Information
All post notifications are directly forwarded to [fallendeeper]'s e-mail, but we are not averse to recieving personal messages. In such cases, our e-mails have been listed below.

synchronized: karmactic@gmail.com
daiyaonna: daiyaonna@gmail.com